McCall’s M6465


This dress was a lot of fun to make. Super quick and easy. That is if I had butchered the hem the first time around and ended up redoing it 3 times. But best of all it is incredibly comfy!


This dress is prescribed to be made in something more along the lines of a linen or crepe but I loved the t-shirt type layout so I made it in a solid knit jersey instead. I think if I would have made the pattern in linen instead I would have stuck to the pattern sizing but with the tad bit of extra stretch I ended up having to take the pattern in substantially. When I first tried it on Geoff politely referred to it has a lovely “teal moo-moo”. Not exactly the look I was going for. Once I paired it down it really fits like an t-shirt dress should.


This was my first time working with knits. It definitely has a learning curve and I am really wishing I would have done my research before I started sewing instead of after. There are a couple of things that I noticed once I finished that I could have done differently. Oops. I have really enjoyed sewing with it though so I did find a couple plain t-shirt patterns to really get my feet wet, one of which is the Plantain T-Shirt from Doe and Deer (its FREE!). Hopefully it turns out as nice as all the reviews.

This is a pattern I don’t doubt I will make again. It is so simple in design that I can make all kinds of fun changes to it!


Pattern: McCalls M6465

Material: Robert Kaufman Knit Jersey


Lilly Dress Option B

For this version of the Lilly dress I decided to go with the plane/flat front. With the main color of the material being so dark the pleats wouldn’t show up. DSC_0715The fabric is an amazing voile by Art Gallery Fabrics. If you haven’t used anything by them yet I highly recommend doing so. Reasonably priced, but the quality is outstanding. Cuts and sew great. Holds color really well. And even their quilting cottons are so super soft that I use them quite often for my girls clothes.

DSC_0722This dress ended up being slightly shorter than what I normally would sew simply because I made a math error when I was purchasing it. I needed another 4 inches to sew my normal hem, oops. But it turned out for the best since this fabric is so light weight and flowy (pretty close to a cotton lawn) I ended up using a rolled hem. Great excuse to learn how to use one of my new feet for my machine! It turned out fantastic! Not half as scary as it looks.

One of my favorite parts about this dress (beyond that its my pattern and I know it fits perfect every time), is that it maybe takes me 2 hours to make the whole thing from being to end. And that includes making my own bias tape for the neck and arm bands.

I am really happy with this version of the Lilly Dress! Now just need to wait for the weather to be above 40 degrees to wear it.

DSC_0737Pattern: Lilly Dress, coming soon

Material: Art Gallery Fabrics

Liberty of London Apron

Gotta love aprons! They are fast to sew, really cute, make you feel like you are in some kind of 50’s sitcom, and if you cook anything like me really do save your clothes from the pasta sauce.

I checked out Liberty of London Home Sewing from the library a while back and fell in love with this apron. I decided it was time to make a new one for me. As a disclaimer in advance I did not use the Liberty of London’s fabric, despite how gorgeous they are and I drool over them every time I am at the fabric store, I won’t spend $35 a yard.


The apron was pretty easy to make, despite the crappy instructions. I did make a couple small tweaks, just some extra top stitching on both edges instead of just the outside and made the  corners diagonal seams instead if the prescribed straight across. All for visual reasons not pattern/construction reasons.

For the main cream panel I use a light weight canvas, and the green print is just a simple quilters cotton that I found on sale. I shop the clearance section at the fabric stores too!

The apron is nice and long, a little too long for me at 5’4″ but anyone not quite this short it would be great. I end up folding it slightly when I  where it, nothing worth getting the seam ripper out for though. The colored panel on the front is meant to just be a hand wipey thingy, but I decided to make it a pocket. Still works great to wipe my hands on!

I really like this apron, it gets worn daily, and I am considering making a second of the holidays! This would also be a great gift too if you are stumped for that special cook!


Pattern: Apron, Liberty of London Home Sewing

Aeryn’s New Sweater

I decided to knit Aeryn a new sweater. I did the same for Alyx when I was pregnant with her (purple cardigan with orange buttons and it looked very homemade but I still loved it on her), but with a toddler and the enormous amount of canning I do in the summers I hadn’t gotten to start working on one for Aeryn yet. I found this pattern while I was poking through pinterest, dangerous, and had to make it. Stop all projects, its time to get this baby made!

DSC_0585_2Sorry for the lack of models, I knitted a 12 month size to give my little chunk some extra growing room but it turned out closer to an 18+ month size. Alyx could wear it if the sleeves where and inch longer. I didn’t intended for quite that much growing room.

I used Paton’s Wool yarn, Joann’s always carries the brand and you don’t need to spin it! The sweater took maybe 1.5 skeins. And knitted up really quickly. From start to finish it was maybe a week of night time knitting. The buttons on the other hand took me another week to get to sewing those bad boys on. It really was an easy pattern to follow and read, which means I didn’t have to make it up as I went!

I really recommend this pattern. It is ridiculously adorable on little ones of all ages, boy or girl!

DSC_0586Pattern: Baby Sophisticate

Alyx PJ Pants


With the weather getting drastically colder lately and Alyx taking a recent growth spurt she has been in definite need of some new PJ pants. Because I haven’t sewed pants before I was surprised at how alarmingly easy they are to sew. Not to mention how ridiculous I feel for avoiding sewing pants for all these years.


Both of the pants I used a free pattern from DanaMadeIt. Alyx is luckily in the 2T-3T size which means I was able to use the pre-done pattern instead of drafting my own. If your little one is not that size, no worries, she has a tutorial that walks you through how to make a pants pattern for the size you need. Easy as pie.

I did end up having to alter the pattern slightly, only because my girls wear cloth diapers the majority of the time. AKA extra booty room is needed. So I added a 1/2 inch to the outer leg for both the front and back pieces. Worked perfect! The other change I made was in addition to the 1 inch elastic band I added a drawstring. Partly because I really like the look and like it functionally that way for myself, but also because I really wanted to figure out and use the automatic button-hole function on my new sewing machine. Seemed like a great time to try it out.

DSC_0588_2As for the material, both materials are a simple flannel from Joann’s. Not some place I usually by fabric but I caught a sale where it was only $3 a yard, that is really hard to say no too when you are there already grabbing notions for something else. And yes one of them is a bicycle print!

Overall the pj’s fit Alyx great. So much so that she might be finding another pair in stocking!


 Pattern: DanaMadeIt PJ Pants Tutorial

Fabric: Joann’s Flannel

Tutorial: Checkerboard Beanie


I really like to wear hats, despite how rarely I actually do, so when I saw a picture of something similar to this some where that I can not remember I decided to go ahead and figure out how to make it.

This is meant to be an adult sized beanie don’t let the model fool you, my oldest daughter gets a kick out of trying on hats but that is about as long as she is willing to wear them. She also is a much better model than I am.


Once I got the hang of exactly how I wanted the pattern to look it was a really quick project. I think I finished it around one maybe one and a half Curious George movies.  And turned out pretty comfy and roomy. I have a lot of hair which seems to be the problem with most beanies staying on my head but there is enough give here to negate that problem.

This hat is knit using the nothing fancy Vanna White Yarn by LionBrand. Not something I would normally use but I  had both girls in the yarn store with me at the time so buying something that I needed to spin into a ball really wasn’t an option at the moment.

I hope you enjoy knitting this! Quick little crafts are always fun.


Checkerboard Beanie

The hat is designed to an adult woman’s head.


1 skein worsted weight yarn

Size 8, 16′ circular needles

Size 8 double point needles

1 stitch marker

Darning needle


CO 100, join in the round

K1P1 for 8 rows

Rows 1-5, (K5, P5) Repeat to the end of the row.

Rows 6-10, (P5, K5) Repeat to the end of the row.

Rows 11-15, (K5, P5) Repeat to the end of the row.

Rows 16-20, (P5, K5) Repeat to the end of the row.

Rows 21-25, (K5, P5) Repeat to the end of the row.

This is where you are going to start decreasing, switch to DPs when needed.

Row 26, (P5, K5) Repeat to the end of the row.

Row 27, (P5, K3, K2TG) Repeat to the end of the row.

Row 28, (P5, K4) Repeat to the end of the row.

Row 29, (P5, K2, K2TG) Repeat to the end of the row.

Row 30, (P5, K3) Repeat to the end of the row.

Row 31, (K6, K2TG) Repeat to the end of the row.

Row 32, Knit the entire row

Row 33, (K5, K2TG) Repeat to the end of the row.

Row 34, Knit the entire row

Row 35, (K4, K2TG) Repeat to the end of the row.

Row 36, Knit the entire row

Row 37, (K3, K2TG) Repeat to the end of the row.

Row 38, (K2, K2TG) Repeat to the end of the row.

Row 39, (K1, K2TG) Repeat to the end of the row.

Row 40, K2TG until 6 stitches remain. Weave in the last stitches.

Weave in any tails and enjoy your creation! 🙂


Self Drafted Skirt – Part 2

DSC_0247 For this skirt I decided to go with something pretty simple again with a couple small details to add visual interest.


For starters I chose to use a hip to hem flare of only 6 inches this time. Because I am so short and am not an overly curvy person the straighter skirts are more flattering on my body type.


Secondly I split the front and back panels into thirds. In doing so I inserted the invisible zipper on the side and decided to sadly skip pockets this time around. Because of the multiple panels and zipper location I didn’t see away to add pockets with out adding bulk and making it looking goofy.


Lastly I added visible top stitching on the panels and waistband. I think it add just enough personality without going overboard so it screams “homemade”.


This is definitely a time that I am glad that I thought a head and serged the sides of the panels prior to assembly. Everything came together so much cleaner than it would have otherwise. Thank goodness for the invention of the serger!

DSC_0238Pattern: Self drafted

Material: Mochi Dot, Japanese Linen