DIY Deodorant


One of my goals for the last couple of years is to replace my purchased household items with homemade versions. I decided to do this for a variety of environmental and health reasons, but the fact that it is always so much cheaper to make these products yourself is a great reason in and of its self.

So deodorant is one of those things that you will always own. And is it just me or has it gotten really expensive in the last couple of years. This is an item I really wanted to replace but the fear of smelling like I am from Eugene and not just live here was a big concern. I work out and run around with two small children all day. The last thing I want is pit stains and smelling funky. I should also say that I have pretty sensitive skin.

I finally got brave a while ago and tried the homemade version. And have continued to make it when I run out. It works! And smells good! It is definitely worth trying.


The last time I made it I used an immersion/stick blender to combine everything before putting it in my trusty little mason jar. It came out much more like a thick body butter than your tradition stick deodorant consistency. Personally I prefer it, especially if my bathroom is cold I am not scrapping it out of the jar with the back of my nails now.

So here’s the recipe (as a disclaimer, after a lot of research this is what I found. It is not my personal recipe. I would credit the person’s it is but I have no idea. Can’t seem to locate the original source.)


1/2C Coconut Oil

1/4C Arrowroot powder or cornstarch

1/4C Baking Soda

Essential Oil, scent of your choice. I am currently using a lemon-lavender blend.

Combine all ingredients well and store in an airtight container such as mason jar.

All you need for use is about a pea size amount, rub into pits. The coconut oil will melt and absorb into your skin when it warms up (it happens very quickly).

This is what I use. I hope that you enjoy it as well and here’s to your homemade home!


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