Poolside Tote

I bought my original diaper bag from Timbuk2 when I was pregnant with Cupcake and took forever deciding on the colors and fabrics. I love the size of it and still absolutely love Timbuk2 messenger bags but I am just tire of looking at it. Momma needs a little variety. After two and a half years of looking at the same bag everyday its time for a change.


I read Anna’s blog of Noodle-head pretty regularly. I really like her bags and ideas. She has a great a sense of being able to combine mommy functionality with some spunk! So when her pattern for the Poolside Tote came out I immediately began drooling and wanted to make it. The only problem was that I was about 9 months pregnant and was working on unpacking the house and getting everything picked and canned for the winter at that time. Needless to say I just didn’t quite have the time to sit down and make a new bag.


A few weeks ago I finally purchased the pattern at Modern Domestic in Portland (I really prefer paper patterns but use pdf patterns regularly since they are more readily available for the this stay at home mom and have the tendency to be a hair cheaper). After weeks of looking for material that I thought would be just right, Bolt came through with some amazing canvas! I would call that a successful fabric shopping trip!

The bag is VERY roomy. I definitely have more room than I need some days, which is a nice change of pace. The pattern was very easy to assemble. Its nice to be able to read someones instructions and know exactly what they want you to do. This is not always the case with patterns. So when it happens you do a little happy dance.


In an effort to keep the bag a little more on the go with everything and not get tired of it to quickly side I choose to use a the more muted grey arrows on the outside with the brightly pattern Japanese canvas on the inside. The green straps give it just enough color to keep it fun with out looking like a crazy lady and it matched the inside. I did decide to go with just the simple slip pocket on the outside inside of the zippered simply for ease of access. I also stuck to just the three fabrics instead of four and in some photos five because I wanted to keep the bag as simple as possible. I personally feel that simple equals staple and longevity!

I even lucked out with just enough material left over to make what I have been so politely referring to as my “mommy crap sack”. Its big enough to hold my planner, wallet, phone, to-do list notebook, chapstick, and yes occasionally I have a book in there too. Having it all in one place in a bag this big really helps locating things when trying to pay for groceries.


Overall I really like this bag and have already been using it for a week or so! If in doubt I highly recommend purchasing and making this pattern. Its a winner!


Pattern: Poolside Tote by Anna Graham

Material: Grey arrow canvas (manufacture unknown), Kayo Horaguchi Japanese Canvas, Robert Kaufman Kona Cotton


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