Simplicity 2700 Trousers

DSC_0456After months of putting this pattern back on top of the “next thing to sew” pile I finally have gotten around to sewing my first pair of slacks/trousers. I have read quite a few blog posts and reviews about Simplicity 2700 Amazing Fit slacks pattern and despite all the reviews ranging from it being amazing to the worst pattern ever, I decided to go ahead and give it a try.

I know that a slacks pattern for a stay at home mom might sound a little funny but in general I really enjoy wearing them. My first instinct is to always grab a skirt or dress in the mornings when I get dressed, but I live in Oregon so pants really are a staple in my life as well.


So as for this pattern, I really like the concept. The straight leg cut is super comfy and lots of room to move around. I personally find it such a simple and classic cut that the look of them can be drastically changed simply but what type of fabric you use. I really want to make these in a linen for summer and maybe even try some lightweight denim.

With all that said holy moly the pattern is HUGE. I can’t count the number of people the said cut two sizes down. Because I have never made the pattern before I went ahead and started at the size the pattern measurement said I should. Well that was dumb on my part. I definitely should have started two sizes down.

DSC_0243DSC_0247I ended up having to take them in massively in the legs and as much as I could in the front crotch. I ended up having to just live with they way they are at this fit because my material was fraying so badly that if I took out or adjusted one more seam there might not be any pants left to show you.

I also decided to cut the waist band down to a finished width of 1.5 inchs instead of the 2.5 to 3 inches. That just seemed huge on my really short torso.


The only instructional issue I had was with inserting the fly. The directions were like reading Greek. They made absolutely no since, and the associated pictures made it worse. Lots and lots of swearing. I ended up having to use this tutorial from Grainline Studios. It was excellent! Zipper in first time with no problems once I found this.

DSC_0482For the pockets and waistband lining I did go with a some fun color. Its some super soft quiliting cotton I found in the clearance section at a local fabric store. With this much neutral brown it needed a little surprise!

DSC_0477The next time I make these I will definitely make a muslin this time with the last two alterations I wanted to make this time around. First I will be raising the crotch quite  a bit more. Girls don’t need that much extra room. Secondly I will be raising the back hem 1.5 inches.  And last but not least I will be adding some pockets. The butt looks just a little blah with out something back there. Type of pocket will definitely depend on what i am making them out.

With that all said I will absolutely be a repeat offender.  P.s. I swear I ironed before I took the pictures. Obviously not as well as I thought I did. Oops.


Pattern: Simplicity 2700 Amazing Fit

Material: Pendleton light-weight washable wool


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