Tova Tee

I am amazed that it has taken me so long to get to around to sharing this top, especially since I have already worn it a couple of times. Even more amazing is the stack of things behind this that I haven’t shared (and some haven’t even been photographed yet, oops).


The Wiksten Tova pattern is great. I have sewn a dress in a plaid here but despite its amazing comfort level I actually haven’t worn it yet for two reasons: 1) its a little of the short side and needs to be worn with leggings or opaque tights (and in my opinion boots which i surprisingly don’t own at the moment) but the weather has been so warm this winter that so many layers seems ridiculous. 2) I am still nursing. A dress with this type of neckline and a 6 month old baby that EATS A LOT is a recipe for disaster, or a whole  lot of people seeing my under-roos.

The top of the other hand in my opinion is a great comprise. The pattern length for the top I found to be a little long, so I brought the length up there, and also decided to make it wearable in more seasons I chopped the sleeves off too!


I decided to go with a simple off white cotton (quilting cotton) from Moda this time around. I really like the neutral quality of the color and print. It goes with pretty much anything, and seamlessly blends into my existing wardrobe. The photos aren’t a great representation of the color but they are pretty close. As a side note, I love the little triangles instead of circles for the pok-a-dots! They are just so much fun. But I am a sucker for any kind of pok-a-dot.

I still find the directions for the pattern to be poorly written, with that said after sewing it once your really don’t read the instructions all that much that second time around. I really just checked the seam allowances on a few things while sewing.


Pattern: Wiksten Tova Top

Material: Moda cotton


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