Vogue 8650 Top

DSC_0071This top was an effort in late night creativity and problem solving. I made a muslin of this a few years ago and really liked it but it went back into the pattern bin without being touched again for a while because I hadn’t found the right material to make it out of. This pattern definitely needed something extra flowy, otherwise the pleats at top look really goofy.

I had some free time one night where both the girls crashed hard so I took the opportunity to get a few things cut out. Well in doing so, I didn’t plan quite as well as I should have before cutting. I ended up a couple inches short of being able to cut the sleeves. The only way to get enough material to make the sleeves with out having to go back to the fabric store (which in this case is two hours away) I had to cut the sleeve in half at the darts location and piece it back together. Because the dart was already there and the fabrics pattern is busy enough that you really don’t notice my problem solving attempt.

DSC_0074But a little about the top. It is really comfortable! It has enough flow to it that it makes it roomy with out turning into a mini moo-moo. And even better the raglan sleeves make lots of the room for my shoulders. Having enough shoulder room is a common problem for me whether it is home sewn or commercially purchased.

This top sews together very quickly. Even with all the pleats in front it only took me about 2 hours from beginning to end. I did use purchased bias tape (in bright yellow!) on the inside of the back neckline. If you are making your own add half hour to your sewing time.

The fabric is a great cotton lawn that I found a Bolt Fabric in Portland. I would love to tell you who makes it but I have no idea and can’t find the scraps either. It is amazingly soft, washes well, cuts and sews great, and my favorite part is it doesn’t wrinkle badly. Nothing worse than feeling like you need to re-iron your clothes by noon.

DSC_0079I do have the top lightly tucked into my slacks (not how I normally wear my tops but I had an event to go to were it just needed to be), when untucked it comes down to the top of my hip bones. A good length for my 5 ft 4 frame.

DSC_0082Pattern: Vogue 8650

Material: ? Purchased at Bolt Fabrics


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