Alyx PJ Pants


With the weather getting drastically colder lately and Alyx taking a recent growth spurt she has been in definite need of some new PJ pants. Because I haven’t sewed pants before I was surprised at how alarmingly easy they are to sew. Not to mention how ridiculous I feel for avoiding sewing pants for all these years.


Both of the pants I used a free pattern from DanaMadeIt. Alyx is luckily in the 2T-3T size which means I was able to use the pre-done pattern instead of drafting my own. If your little one is not that size, no worries, she has a tutorial that walks you through how to make a pants pattern for the size you need. Easy as pie.

I did end up having to alter the pattern slightly, only because my girls wear cloth diapers the majority of the time. AKA extra booty room is needed. So I added a 1/2 inch to the outer leg for both the front and back pieces. Worked perfect! The other change I made was in addition to the 1 inch elastic band I added a drawstring. Partly because I really like the look and like it functionally that way for myself, but also because I really wanted to figure out and use the automatic button-hole function on my new sewing machine. Seemed like a great time to try it out.

DSC_0588_2As for the material, both materials are a simple flannel from Joann’s. Not some place I usually by fabric but I caught a sale where it was only $3 a yard, that is really hard to say no too when you are there already grabbing notions for something else. And yes one of them is a bicycle print!

Overall the pj’s fit Alyx great. So much so that she might be finding another pair in stocking!


 Pattern: DanaMadeIt PJ Pants Tutorial

Fabric: Joann’s Flannel


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