Bicycle Paris Skirt


Making things for my girls is always a lot of fun. They generally are speedier projects and I get to use fun fabrics that I probably would never consider using for myself. One of those things is bicycle prints. I love bicycles. Riding them, looking at them, teaching Alyx how to ride, generally anything involving bicycles you have me sold. And fabric is no different. When I found this fabric made by Art Gallery Fabrics during a sale at my local fabric store I caved and had to get some for the girls.


It turned into a great skirt for Alyx. I decided on The Paris Skirt tutorial. It is easy to follow and the math is pretty basic, so don’t worry if you can’t find your calculator. I do recommend paying close attention to the instructions because she does switch between metric and english measurements. I also some how messed up the measurement for the length of the skirt. Its a little long, guess that means she has A LOT of extra growing room or I could put in another pleat or two to bring up the length.


Despite how much I love this fabric it doesn’t show the pleats that well, and it in the photographs almost not at all. I am thinking I might have to make her another one with the lightweight chambray I have left from making the Lilly Dress.


Overall I really like the pattern and will definitely be making more for both the girls, both with and without pleats.

DSC_0221Pattern: Paris Skirt Tutorial by Nothing Too Fancy

Material: Bikeleidoscope Jet, Cleta, Art Gallery Fabrics



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