A Week of Tops

In the past week or so I have been working on a number of different projects as well as quite a bit of sewing reading (party animal!). Most of this has been in an attempt to avoid making the tutu’s that both my girls are going to be wearing for Halloween. Between not being a Halloween kind of person and netting being a B**** to work with, I am doing everything I can to avoid it like the plague.

Instead of tutu’s my first project is one that I started while I was pregnant. It’s another Washi tunic. I really like this pattern. Its fairly comfortable and wears well. I do like that how generally basic the pattern is I can make little changes here and there every time I sew it to make each one slightly unique.


I decided to added the cap sleeves this time around, something I don’t normally do, as well as used 1/2 inch elastic in the back instead of the usual elastic thread option.  I left the length a little longer making it easier for me to wear with leggings and still have the mommy booty covered!

As for the fabric, another one of those awesome finds from Bolt a really long time ago so I have no idea the details beyond that its a fun, soft voile.

DSC_0876Pattern: Made By Rae, Washi Dress

Material: Unknown from Bolt Fabric Boutique

Now the second and most recent top , the Afternoon Blouse. This is one that I was super excited to sew. Finally found the perfect fabric for it. Got the top completely done and not as excited any more. I love that is has no shoulder seams but I find it to still be a little narrow (I even cut a size bigger in an effort to not have this problem). I also lengthened the top by 2 inches. It always surprises me when I have to lengthen tops because I am only 5’3″. Its one I will definitely still wear, mainly because I am still in love with the fabric, its Heather Bailey’s new line in a voile.


DSC_0926Pattern: Afternoon Blouse

Material: Heather Bailey, Momentum



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